About Su-Cheng Wu

Executed all PMI Process Groups in Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control, and Closing phases at SCEA. Experience spans Traditional, Agile (R&D to Lean) and Enterprise projects, covering all nine knowledge areas: Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, and Procurement Management.

Proven record in operations, service development and R&D project management for Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios. 

  • As Sr. Technical Project Manager, led a team, researched and developed the "Modeling via Photogrammetric" Scan pipeline. To date, this SCE scan pipeline has been used by nearly all SCEA, SCEE's AAA games.
  • As Operation and Outsource Manager, designed and built the SCE Centralized Outsource Management System (COMS).

Currently in charge of a key R&D project, a global operational project and the development of our group’s Enterprise Project and Resource Management Process and System.  Managing all Technical Project Managers, Enterprise Project Manager, Business System Analyst and Outsource Project Managers.


Technical Know-Hows and Experienced in:

  • Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Progressively leading and improving SCEA PDSG’s Project Management Maturity Level.
  • Various aspects of 3D production, with roles as a developer, supervisor and manager.
  • Traditional Waterfall/ Lean Productions. Certified MS Project 2010 Professional User.
  • Agile Project Management: Scan R&D pipeline and leading programming team in developing Business Knowledge Management Systems for SCE. Versed in Agile best scrum practices in a closely co-located, small team environment and able to do Agile Burn Charts.
  • Risk, Assumption and Stakeholder Management skills and experience.
  • Business and Technical Process analysis, documentation, process improvement’s recommendations and implementation. Including training supervising developers in the PMI WBS network diagram principles, thus able to achieve Kaizen for our Scan and Art Pipeline. (Spoke at our Sony Game Technical Conference on this subject.)
  • In-progress: Boston University Master of Project Management degree, GPA: 3.8. One core class away from completing PMI’s Project Management Graduate Certificate. 


Interpersonal and Leadership Skills:

  • Acute cultural, political, social, and economic sense. Experienced and able to lead teams via integrating both the western and eastern perspectives.
  • Good understanding of global Multi-National companies’ standards and business operations.
  • Experienced working with Sony Computer Entertainment's best talents at various domains and levels. Having a firm understanding what "good talents" are, what’s required of them and how to motive, lead and retain them.
  • Having a road-map and the leadership skill to guide teams to achieve international AAA standard (Hands-on outsource management, from Requirement Packet prepping, contract negotiation to in China onsite training with internal Leads for project like MLB and various AAA SCE titles).
  • Confident and proven leadership skill to transition teams from mere "manufacturing" into "self-thinking creative teams". Experienced in implementing Thinking-Group and Constructive Conflict Management. Know the value of progressively nurture and re-channel conflicts constructively; thus the self-think and creative culture can be established. 
  • Less ego, more facts, respect, team-works and achievements. Advocate the value in positive reinforcement and respecting each other’s up, peers and reports. I believe one grows more by respecting things that one "doesn’t know" than to be judgmental based on what one "knows." (This is the root of tunnel vision commonly found in domain experts’ arrogance.)
  • High team building and diplomatic skill. Able to adhere to the highest standard in honesty and build trust both internally and/or virtually.
  • Support and promote organization wide Knowledge Management (one step beyond information management), and Continuous Learning in both hard and soft skills at all levels


Speaker Credit:

  • 2011 Presented at the prestige Sony Global Technical Conference. Topic: “Next-gen Facial Scan R&D and Pipeline” (Speech/Travel expense sponsored by Sony)
  • 2010 VIP Speaker at the 1st "China Game Outsource Conference". Topic: “Beyond SOP: Outsourcing’s Stakeholder Expectation, Assumption and Risk Management” (Conference expense sponsored by CGOC)
  • 2010 Presented at the prestige Sony Global Technical Conference. Topic: “Outsource Management Process and Sony's Central Outsource Management System” (Speech/Travel expense sponsored by Sony)
  • 2008 VIP Speaker at the Digital Media Design Conference and the International Conference on Animation, Comic, and Game. Topic: "How to Grow CG Talents: Art, Technical and Project Management." (Conference, travel and speech sponsored by Ministry of Education of Taiwan and the Taiwan Association of Digital Media Design.)